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David's Interiors is Central PA's home for the finest quality, latest fashions, and the best brands available in home furnishings. What's your style? David's Interiors stores in Harrisburg and beyond offer a wide variety of styles for every budget in dining room, living room and bedroom furniture, plus home entertainment, home office, bedding, lamps, rugs and accessories. For four decades, we have supplied the best variety and widest assortment of furniture in Mechanicsburg, Cumberland, and Dauphin Counties. We first opened our doors in 1972. Styles have changed quite a bit since then, but our commitment to excellence, both in the products we sell and the customer service we offer, has not. We remain devoted to offering the type of service you’d find at any small-town store, even though we provide big-town selection.

Come to Davids to Discover How We Can Help Make Your House Feel Like a Home

David's Interiors has been one of the most trusted brands in the Harrisburg area for more than 40 years. We’re eager to win your trust, too. Stop by one of our showrooms to see our varied selection of designer furniture, including those on clearance that can fit into any budget. You’ll enjoy strolling through our aisles and checking out the latest styles in home furnishings. We look forward to meeting you soon.

Happier In Your Home by Laurie Foster, Interior Designer
So it's been ages between posts - frankly, there was just so much noise out there I decided to bow out. But, recently I was thinking about what I do beyond the label of interior designer. My 'aha' moment was realizing what I really do is help you be happier in your home...and since I'm older than stone, I might have some insights to share.
Your Dream Bedroom...What Goes In It?

If you could design your dream bedroom, how would it look? What would your color palette be? How big would it be? What type of furniture would you have? What would you want the look and the feel to be the moment you wake up?

You deserve to have a bedroom that meets your tastes and acts as your personal oasis after a long day. Here are some areas to consider.

Top 5 Home Office Must-Haves

Have you transitioned from in-office to remote during the pandemic? Do you feel as if you aren't able to concentrate or get much accomplished? Allow us to give you our Top 5 Must-Haves for your Home Office so you can be successful both online and off.