Comfort: Medium-Soft

Mattress Height: 10"

Premium Fabric Cover - High-loft super-stretch cover with grey upholstered sides. 

SmartClimate System - Innovative two-layer construction helps you stay comfortable during the night. Fibers in the top cover draw moisture away, while SmartClimate treatment in the inner cover provides cool to-the-touch comfort. 

Comfort Layer - Made from extra-soft TEMPUR-ES material, the top layer determines the mattress feel and works with the Support Layer to allow for personalized comfort and support. 

Support Layer - Formulated from TEMPUR material, this layer provides support for your body and helps distribute body weight evenly across the mattress. 

Base Layer - This layer serves as the "base" for the TEMPUR material above it, and is also designed to help disperse heat from the mattress. 

The Tempur Pedic Cloud Prima Mattress

When you have an uncomfortable mattress, you pay the price. Getting a good night’s sleep plays a vital role in your health. When you don’t enjoy enough shut-eye or toss and turn all night, it can impact you throughout the day. Exhaustion can affect your decision-making and hurt your performance at work. Having the wrong bed just isn’t worth it. 

Make sleepless nights a thing of the past by investing in a new Tempur Pedic Cloud Prima mattress. If you want the best in comfort without sacrificing style, a Tempur Pedic can deliver.

A memory foam mattress molds to your body. It “remembers” your shape and adjusts to give you the most comfortable rest possible. A basic Tempur Pedic mattress can relieve everyday aches and pains by giving your body the right type of support, helping you find the right sleeping position and keeping your spine in alignment. The foam used to construct the mattress also stays free of dust mites, which can trigger allergies.

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