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At the end of a long, tiring day at work, taking care of the house or running the kids around, all you want is some time to relax, decompress and do nothing before beginning your day again. Whether you're settling in after a long commute, coming back from running errands or catching some peace after your kids are asleep, your bed is a luxury and a necessity you look forward to every night — and as the setting for your rest and rejuvenation,
it's ultimately what gets you through every day.

As such a vital part of your day, your mattress is a crucial furniture element that affects your quality of life, your mood and your health. The right mattress will support your back and your bones, relieve your pressure points, provide comfort and allow you to fall into a deep, restorative sleep — but if your mattress is too old, too hard, too soft or not right for your body, it can affect your sleep quality and leave you tired, sore and uncomfortable all day.

Find Your Perfect Mattress at Davids Furniture & Interiors in Harrisburg & Mechanicsburg

No one should have to live with an uncomfortable mattress. Offering bone and back support, pressure relief, motion transfer reduction and cooling qualities, a high-quality mattress will decrease tossing and turning, keep your body in better alignment,
improve your sleep quality and change your life.

Are you ready to wake up every day more rejuvenated, refreshed and rested than you've ever been? Come to Davids Furniture & Interiors to search for the perfect fit in your new mattress. Whether you're looking for Harrisburg SEALY mattresses, queen-size STEARNS & FOSTER mattresses in Mechanicsburg or hybrid TEMPUR-PEDIC mattresses in Camp Hill, we have what you need, where you need.

Stop in at one of our mattress showrooms in MECHANICSBURG or HARRISBURG today, where our expert INTERIOR DESIGNERS will be happy to help you select the mattress that meets your needs, suits your sleeping style and fits with your bed frame.

David's Interiors showrooms include a wide variety of brand name mattresses available for your perusal. Whether you're hoping to shop mattresses in Mechanicsburg or Harrisburg,
no amount of online shopping can come close to the experience of browsing mattresses in person. You'll have the opportunity to feel the texture and firmness of each mattress for yourself to discover which style best meets your needs.

We look forward to being a part of your better sleep journey.


Find Your PERFECT Mattress Today

A simple way to find YOUR perfect mattress! Originally created for the medical industry, the Support Report will accurately diagnose your body’s pressure points and recommend the right mattress for you to get a Better Night’s Sleep!

Our system utilizes 1,664 sensors to measure support and pressure relief. The Support Report will then generate a live pressure image and comfort map showing peak pressure areas that need comfort and support. It can even help you select the correct pillow for proper head and neck support to keep your spine alignment straight.

Once measured, the software will give you an unbiased mattress category recommendation showing you which mattress type will provide you with the best comfort and support. Couples will be mapped individually and will be able to see their individual results as well as their combined result and recommended mattress type. You can feel confident that you’ve found the right mattress after using Support Report.

Enjoy Competitive Pricing and Bedroom Furniture Discounts

At David's Interiors, we strive to offer high-quality materials at a competitive price. Our affordable prices and bedroom furniture discounts never come at the cost of quality — you can always expect expertly designed and finely made products. Browse our promotions and selection of mattresses on sale for the most cost-effective options to outfit your bedroom.
You can also count on a 10% discount on new bedroom furniture when you purchase a mattress set from Davids Furniture, so shop now.

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