Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to furnish an entire room when I shop at Davids Furniture and Interiors?

No - you can go as big or small as you need! While many customers are doing complete room makeovers, Davids is a furniture store where you can buy just what you need — a rug, a sofa, a lamp, a table, etc.

What does "complimentary design services" mean?

At Davids, we have certified interior designers on staff who will work with you to provide professional insight into what will work best for your size room, preferred style of furniture, and budget. We’ll visit your home and provide you with a floor plan done to scale to see how your new furniture will look in your room before you purchase. This service is provided at no cost to you. However, our complimentary service is only provided to customers who purchase with us.

Do I need to have a large, spacious home to take advantage of the complimentary design services?

No. Our designers work with any size or type of home from condos to historic homes to new housing.

What styles of furniture are available at Davids Furniture and Interiors?

Although David's Interiors is known for traditional furnishings, we also carry contemporary, country, European, and classic types of furniture. We also offer custom furniture, so you can create a piece that matches your room or style!

Does Davids Furniture and Interiors sell more than furniture?

Yes. At Davids, you can choose from a large selection of window treatments — from blinds and shades to custom-made draperies. We also carry mattresses and bedding, lamps, rugs/carpet and a big selection of unique accessories.

Does Davids Furniture and Interiors only sell expensive brands of furniture?

No. At Davids, we carry great quality furniture in a variety of price points to fit most budgets. And you are covered by the Davids Price Guarantee that promises we will not be undersold by anyone else.