Custom Bedding Services in Central Pennsylvania

custom bedding

The eight hours you spend sleeping in your bed each night may be the most important hours of your day. A good night's sleep leaves you refreshed and ready to take on the day. Like other rooms in your home, your bedroom should reflect your personal tastes and design preferences.

Make your bedroom more inviting and your sleep more satisfying with made-to-order bedding that will keep you comfortable and cozy. The luxury bedding sets at  David's Interiors offer the support and softness your body needs to rest. We offer many styles and sizes of beds from the best brands on the market. Let us help create your own custom bedding that matches the style of your bedroom and appeals to your unique design aesthetic.

Why Design Your Own Luxury Bedding? 

At David's Interiors, we believe sleep is personal. Everyone deserves a relaxing night's sleep surrounded by furnishings that reflect your personality. There may be thousands of bedding options to choose from, but you want something different and unique. Nothing compares to slipping into the perfect bed with custom bedding that you designed for optimal comfort. 

Our custom bedding sets can fit your needs and personal style perfectly. We'll discuss considerations like how large your bedroom is and how may pillows you arrange on your bed. Let our team help you identify the ideal design elements to incorporate into your custom bedding.

The Benefits of a Custom Bedding Set

A bedroom is one of the most private rooms in the home. For your living room or dining room, you must consider your guests when making design choices. For your bedroom, the choices you make are just for you. Custom bedding lets you choose the colors, textures and fabrics that speak to you and complement your decor.

When you design made-to-order bedding, you can:

  • Find patterns you feel excited about, from bold and bright to subtle and sophisticated
  • Control the temperature in your bed, making sure it's not too hot or too cold
  • Create an oasis in your room where you can feel at ease

Luxury custom bedding looks attractive and elevates the appearance of any bedroom in your home. With custom bedding, you can enjoy spending more time in your bedroom and getting a good night's sleep.

Request a Design Consultation for Made-to-Order Bedding

Customization leads to improved comfort and satisfaction with your bedroom. Give this special space the attention it deserves by ordering custom bedding from  David's Interiors. We first opened our doors in 1972, and since then our commitment to the finest quality products and excellent customer service has remained as strong as ever.

We invite you to browse our fabric swatches and speak with a bedding specialist who can advise you on creating a custom bedding set you will cherish.