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Stickley Furniture Provides Lasting Value

Even before the Stickley brothers were thrust into the international limelight in the early 20th century thanks to their eye-catching Mission-style furniture designs, their motto was “Als Ik Kan,” which is Flemish for “to the best of my ability.” This design philosophy was then engraved on every piece of furniture the pair made. Over 100 years later, that credo still guides Stickley Furniture in every piece of furniture the company produces. As a result, Stickley Furniture remains committed to high-quality designs, the best craftsmanship, excellence and providing lasting value in everything it produces.

From selecting the highest quality woods, to manufacturing solid construction, to the hand-rubbed finishing process – Stickley has refined the furniture making process while staying environmentally friendly. Stickley uses reliable construction techniques such as side and center guided drawers, blind dovetailed cross rails, and blind and keyed tenons. Stickley has always celebrated wood’s natural beauty which is emphasized in their finishing process. Stains are hand-rubbed with a clear dye finish that allows the true wood grains to be seen.

Stickley Furniture isn’t only made to be hidden away in formal dining areas or rooms that are rarely used. Stickley Furniture produces pieces that are meant for everyday use, pieces that let their natural beauty shine through to brighten each of your days. Pieces that will last a lifetime and more.

Striking Appearance of Stickley Furniture

When you talk about Stickley furniture, words such as timeless, classy, arresting, remarkable and memorable come to mind. The furniture stands out for so many different reasons, including:.

  • Handcrafting: Stickley furniture is not mass-produced but rather is handcrafted when ordered, and so it has the personal touch that sets it apart.
  • Exquisite Artistry: From carvings in the wood to shiplap planking and so many other design touches, Stickley furniture shows what an artistic craft furniture making can be.
  • Best Materials: Stickley often touts its furniture as heirloom-quality, and there’s a reason it lasts that long — because it’s so well made, which also makes its appearance stand out
Stickley Furniture at Davids Furniture & Interiors

Your One-Stop-Stickley-Shop

David's Interiors is proud to have a nice selection of Stickley furniture for you to choose from, to complement the furnishings you already have, or to be the centerpiece of a living space you want to redesign. Whether you are looking for your bedroom, living room, dining room, home office or entertainment room our selections are sure to please!

Are you looking for an unexpected focal point for your next home project? Why not consider a Stickley gathering island that will catch the attention of your visitors immediately? This newly introduced piece provides infinite possibilities and can easily function as additional seating for extra company in your home or a sofa back table to hold lamps or easily charge your electronics with its built-in USB and electrical outlet features.

Our Most Popular Stickley Furniture Pieces

David's Interiors carries a wide range of Stickley furniture, perfect for just about any location in your home. We know everyone has personal preferences, but here is a bit more information on a few of our most in-demand pieces:

  • Woodlands Recliner: Sit back and relax in style when you add this elegant recliner to your living room or study. The rich brown leather contrasts perfectly with the
          brass nailhead trim. The Woodlands Recliner is so comfortable, everyone in your family will want to sit in it.
  • Highlands Upholstered Queen Bed: This bed, made by hand and using the traditional methods embraced by Stickley, looks both chic and classic in your master
          bedroom. The Highlands Upholstered Queen Bed gives your room a grand focal point. You can also find matching Stickley Highlands collection pieces to complete your
  • Chicago Sofa: Do you want a sofa that’s not just comfortable but also makes a strong statement? Then the Stickley Chicago Sofa may be a good fit for your home. The
          leather of the sofa contrasts nicely with the fabric of the cushion and the pillows. You can fit several people comfortably on this sofa.
  • Gus Tile Top Tabouret Table: Add something a little different to your living room with the Gus Tile Top Tabouret Table. The table has a distinctive green tile top,
          surrounded by solid oak. It makes the perfect eye-drawing accent piece in a study, library, living room or hallway.

Give us a call today!

Mission, Contemporary, Traditional or Antiquities – whatever Stickley furniture style you are wanting for your Harrisburg, or Mechanicsburg home, we encourage you to contact a member of our award-winning team of interior designers. Our designers will work with you to find the Stickley furniture pieces that will add to your home’s aesthetic and match your personal tastes.

While we rarely have Stickley furniture on clearance, we do have options that are within your budget. Staying within your budget is as important to us as it is to you, so you never have to worry about being pressured when you shop at David's Interiors. All you have to worry about when you visit one of our three locations is narrowing down the list of choices that are available to you — something we’ll be happy to help you with, based on your lifestyle, budget and preferences.

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