If you could design your dream bedroom, how would it look? What would your color palette be? How big would it be? What type of furniture would you have? What would you want the look and the feel to be the moment you wake up?

You deserve to have a bedroom that meets your tastes and acts as your personal oasis after a long day. Here are some areas to consider.

Wall Color

Paint...if you want to breathe new life into your space, a new wall color would be a great jumping off point. The last thing you want is to have pink walls and purchase black/darker furniture (we know, that is a bit dramatic but it paints a picture). Here are few examples that could help to illustrate my point... 

Davids Furniture & Interiors | Your Dream BedroomDavids Furniture & Interiors | Your Dream BedroomDavids Furniture & Interiors | Your Dream Bedroom

Davids Furniture & Interiors | Your Dream BedroomDavids Furniture & Interiors | Your Dream Bedroom


Do you currently have hardwood or carpet? Would you like a change? If you choose hardwood then you would definitely want to think about an area rug. An area rug can match your room and color scheme but also act as an extra "soft touch" to your room if you choose darker furniture. A great example would be the image to the left shown above with the purple bed comforter.


If this is your dream bedroom, how big is it and what type of furniture would you want to have fill the space? A few options to think about:

  • {MOST IMPORTANT} The Bed - A few considerations: fabric vs leather, wood panels vs upholstered, tufted vs untufted, and so one. The bed will essentially act as the main focus of your room.
  • Chaise - This would be perfect to relax in after a long day of work. With so many styles and options to choose from you can truly create a one-of-a-kind piece.
  • Accent/Lounge Chairs - The right accent/lounge chairs could be perfect to relax with a good book or like to have a nice cup of coffee/tea in the morning. Paired with a nice ottoman, these could be a perfect match to complete your space.
  • Dresser - Dresser OR Walk-In Closet? Remember, this is your dream room; think BIG. Personally, I would go for the walk-in. I like to keep the room neat, tidy and free from clutter and bulky furniture. The dresser also tends to be a the "go-to" spot to pile stuff with the thought of putting it away later but never actually getting to it. However, some people feel as if the dresser helps to tie the room together so definitely go with your gut on this one.
  • Nightstands - Nightstands are a necessity to hold you lamps for reading, a space to place your phone or glasses, a space for your alarm clock and so much more. A great feature to look for in nightstands is a built-in electrical outlet. I use my phone as an alarm clock so a handy electrical outlet on the back of the nightstand would be very useful.

Window Treatments

What sort of windows do you have and how many? Do not just slap some curtains up from Target and call it a day. Your windows are a further extension of your style and personality so you should treat them as such. After putting so much work into the rest of the room take it just one step further by hand selecting the treatments to perfectly compliment your space.

My preference would have to the be the automated PowerView hub from HunterDouglas. If you're like me, having the shades automatically open and shut depending on the times set while having the ability to make changes through an app on my phones is a thing of beauty. The PowerView hub would be perfect to program the shades to open automatically with the sunrise and close with the sunset.


Most people would not think twice about their bedding. Many would go to some other store and choose a bedding set off the rack. What would you do if I said you could personally design your own custom bedding that would be the envy of your friends? Create something truly one-of-a-kind by hand selecting the fabrics and details that match your style while pairing perfectly with the rest of the room. 

Davids Furniture & Interiors | Your Dream BedroomDavids Furniture & Interiors | Your Dream BedroomDavids Furniture & Interiors | Your Dream Bedroom

Lamps + Accessories

The pièce de résistance would be the accessories and lighting. One thing to look out for with the accessories is to select pieces that won't clutter the space. Select pieces that have meaning for you and show off your personality. As for the lighting, it is very important to know what you want the feeling to be when you first walk into the room. Something to consider would be a dimmer. You could connect it to all of the lamps in the room to help with the ambiance and allows for some flexibility. Lastly, the placement of the lamp is also something to consider. If you have a nightstand that holds your book, alarm clock, etc the last thing you would want is to get a lamp with a very wide base that takes up majority of the space. Find pieces that not only compliment the room but also each other. 


Are you in need of a new mattress? How long since your last mattress purchase? The recommended length timeframe would be between 7-10 years. Thanks to Sleep Help we know there are seven warning signs that you should consider if you're on the fence about needing a new mattress:

  1. Age of the Mattress (Is it 7-10 years old?)
  2. Mattress is saggy
  3. Unaligned Spine 
  4. Uncomfortable
  5. Waking up stiff and sore
  6. Allergies and Asthma getting worse
  7. Have you added a co-sleeper or even gained/lost weight?

You are left restless and irritable if you do not get a good night sleep. Why not do yourself the favor and look into a new mattress. We have a variety of mattresses to choose from in our Better Sleep Gallery from brands like Sealy, Stearns & Foster and Tempur-Pedic. We want to help you get the rest you deserve!

Do you have any questions about anything mentioned in this post? Reach out to our Interior Design experts and allow them to help transform your bedroom into the bedroom of your dreams. Our Designers in Harrisburg, PA and Mechanicsburg, PA are ready to help transform your space into a personal oasis.

August 20, 2020