Have you transitioned from in-office to remote during the pandemic? Do you feel as if you aren't able to concentrate or get much accomplished? Allow us to give you our Top 5 Must-Haves for your Home Office so you can be successful both online and off.

1. Inspiring Work Environment

  • You cannot expect to get much work done by relaxing on the sofa or snuggled under the covers in bed. You should have a dedicated space for you to spread out in and that is suited to your needs.
  • Do you have a proper desk with an ergonomic chair? These two items are crucial to your success. Working at a desk allows you to focus on the work in front of you without the distraction of your comfy sofa, the enticing pull coming from your bed or the hard-to-resist snuggles you get from your dog on the sofa. Need a proper desk? Check out what we have on the floor or speak with one of our Designers to create a custom desk that meets not only your needs but also your style. Below, you can see some work spaces our Designers have created in the past for their clients.

2. Blue-Light Blocking Glasses

  • Have you ever thought about why your eyes feel so strained and you get a headache after using the computer for a long extent of time? Computer screens, including smart phones, eject blue-light rays that harmful and cause you to get headaches and put a big strain on your eyes after a long period of time looking at a screen. The solution? Blue-Light Blocking Glasses. The help to block a majority of the rays being emitted from your screens.

3. Headphones and Good Music

  • This one might be a stretch for some depending on your work style. Some enjoy a quiet environment while others, including myself, need something going on in the background to help them stay focused. Personally, my mind wanders when there is quiet so listening to music allows me to stay on tasks while jamming out. Dancing at your desk is acceptable.

4. Excellent Organizational and Cloud-based Software

  • Working from home can be a challenge to stay organized especially if you are used to having papers and projects delivered to you in person. Check with your company to see if they have a program they recommend otherwise to research to find the perfect software that allows you to stay organized and up-to-date on all past, current and future projects.

5. Most Important! A Dedicated "Relaxing" Space for When You Clock Out

  • A huge challenge with working from home is getting swept up in your work and not knowing when to power down and relax at the end of the day. The work will still be there tomorrow. Making sure you have a comfortable sofa to binge Game of Thrones and/or having a mattress that makes you melt out of sheer comfort after a long day are extremely essential to your future success. In need of a mattress that feels like your sleeping on a cloud or a sofa that allows you to snuggle up next to your partner and relax the night away? Check out the sofas and mattresses we have in stock! Better yet, stop in to either of our locations and allow our Designers to help you create your perfect, custom sofa and show you the best way to test drive our mattresses in our Better Sleep Gallery. You will not be disappointed!

There you have it! Five essential items to help you be successful in your new remote position! Hopefully these help you stay focused while also enhancing your quality of life in the new environment you find yourself in. Have any ideas on the other rooms in your house? Stop in and chat with us today!


August 05, 2020