If you call Pennsylvania home, then you know the privilege of getting to experience four distinct seasons each year. The changing seasons give us variety and something new to look forward to from month to month. If Mother Nature changes the outdoor landscape throughout the year, then why not change your indoor landscape, as well? You can fully enjoy the unique qualities of each season by changing your home decor with the seasons. In this article, we're going to look at some simple and effective seasonal decorating ideas to dress your home for every season.



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Spring Home Decor Tips

Let's start with the season that brings us joy each year as the ice and snow melt, and we start to see signs of new life. There are several ways you can celebrate the beauty of spring through your home decor. Let's look at four spring decor ideas for your home.

1. Florals

Spring is nothing without flowers, and you can enjoy the classic beauty of flowers in your home as well as outside. If you think florals are dated, the good news is that floral patterns are back in a fresh way. You can incorporate florals into your home in a variety of ways. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Accent your sofa with a floral print throw or floral throw pillows.
  • Add a floral print accent chair or ottoman to your living room.
  • Spread a floral print runner on your dining table.
  • Display floral china in a hutch or on top of kitchen cabinets.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to incorporating florals into your home so you can enjoy finding fun and interesting ways to make it bloom indoors.

2. Pastels

As trends come and go, pastels remain a quintessential part of the spring look. You may already dress in pastels during this season, but why not also dress up your home in pastels? Before you relegate pastels to the nursery or to your Easter ensemble, consider the effect pastels can have on your home's overall feel. Cool pastels can make your home feel airier. Warmer pastels can bring a dose of sunshine into your home. If you're concerned about avoiding traditional nursery colors, exchange sky blue for aqua and petal pink for a light coral.

Another concern for some when it comes to pastels is that they may feel too feminine. Better Homes & Gardens suggests pairing pastels with grounding neutrals to prevent this. For example, pastel cushions on a natural wood breakfast nook should be perfectly balanced. Pastel furniture can be dressed to fit every season, so don't hesitate to incorporate more permanent pastel features into your home.

3. Sheer Fabrics

Another way to make your home feel light and airy is to incorporate sheer fabrics. Sheer fabrics are most traditionally found in the form of sheer window treatments, which let in natural light and add a delicate sophistication to any room. You can never go wrong with a classic white sheer fabric, but you can also choose sheer fabrics that are dyed or feature a pattern for an element of interest.

Also note that sheer fabrics aren't just limited to window treatments. You can also incorporate sheers into your home in other ways. For example, you can add a light chandelier with a sheer shade that allows more light to show through and that shows the faux candles inside. Wherever you incorporate them, sheer fabrics will make your home feel lighter, and they're perfect for spring.

4. Fresh Cut Flowers

If you don't want to alter the more permanent aspects of your home decor, an easy way to bring spring inside is by featuring fresh cut flowers throughout your home. Nothing says spring like a vase full of tulips. Tulips make the perfect centerpiece for your spring table. To keep them fresh for 10 days or more, place them in a vase with a homemade solution of two tablespoons of lemon juice, one tablespoon of sugar and one-half teaspoon of bleach.

Tulips aren't the only flowers perfect for spring. Also consider creating bouquets using these spring flowers, among others:

  • Ranunculuses
  • Hydrangeas
  • Irises
  • Lillies
  • Carnations
  • Gerbera daisies
  • Daffodils

You can add fresh cut flowers in places throughout your home, including on your kitchen counter, bathroom vanities and bedroom nightstands. Adding a touch of fresh flowers somewhere in each room is one of the best and simplest ways to celebrate spring in your decor.

Summer Home Decor Tips

Summer officially starts in late June, but many people observe Memorial Day as their kick-off of the season. After Memorial Day, you can begin to shift your focus to bolder, more summery designs in your home. Let's look at some ways to do that.

1. Light-Colored Fabrics

The light fabrics that help to hail in spring get even lighter for summer. Think bold whites and washed-out colors that suggest they've been bleached in the sun. You can incorporate light fabrics into your home with upholstered chairs, window treatments, bedding and more. Consider a pure white comforter or duvet on your bed, accented by bright, sunny throw pillows.

When decorating with white, be mindful of the undertones in your floor and wall colors. Find a shade of white that matches these undertones. A cool white in a warm area can look almost blue, and a warm white in a cool room can appear closer to cream. Keep in mind that the right lighting can help your white fabric appear warmer or cooler, as well.

2. Summer Patterns

In addition to bright white and washed-out fabrics, you can also incorporate fun, summery patterns into your decor. Patterns, in general, provide an excellent way to add some visual interest throughout your home. In the summer, consider classic patterns like bold stripes, which have a nautical feel. Polka dots in colors like navy or red also fit right in with a summer theme. Gingham is another decidedly summery pattern, though it tends to fit best in casual dining settings.

If you're afraid of patterns appearing too busy alongside your other decor, choose patterns that are bold and only feature two colors. As House Beautiful points out, when you're only working with two shades, you can mix a variety of patterns without it looking too busy or clashing. When you're choosing more permanent features for your home, such as living room furniture, you may want to stick to solid neutrals so you have the freedom to pair patterned accents from season to season.

3. Summer Scents

When you're decorating for summer, think beyond visuals to include other senses, too. When you think of a summer at the beach, you likely smell the salty air as much as you picture those sparkling waves. Bring the scents of summer inside using candles or essential oil diffusers. Look for scents that feature fresh fragrances we associate with summer, including:

  • Citrus fruits
  • Coconut
  • Bamboo
  • Sandalwood
  • Teak wood
  • Gardenia
  • Cotton
  • Fresh linens

Opt for scents that are light and refreshing rather than heavy or musky. Highlighting the right aromas can enhance your home's summer appeal just as much as any visual element.

4. Beach Decor

Pennsylvania may not be on the coast, but that shouldn't stop you from celebrating one of the best things about summer — the beach. Beach decor can sometimes come off as a bit overdone in certain cases, but there are unmistakably elegant and subtle ways to incorporate beach-themed decor into your home. People outside of coastal areas sometimes associate nautical and beach-themed decor with bathrooms, but you can tastefully bring the beach to any room of your home.

Seascapes make beautiful wall art you can hang for summer and switch out as the season changes. For more understated beach elements, think in terms of using natural elements like driftwood, coral, rope, netting and sand. Glass jars and bottles also work well with beach decor.

Fall Home Decor Tips

Ask someone what their favorite season is, and chances are, they'll say fall. What's not to love about fall, especially in a place like Pennsylvania? The rich, vivid colors, crisp air and delicious foods we associate with this time of year make it something to look forward to each year. Let's look at the best ways to decorate for fall inside your home.

1. Rustic Elements

Rustic elements belong perfectly in fall decor. Rustic decor has become extremely popular in general with the "shabby chic" design movement, but it tends to work best at this time of year. What do we mean by rustic? Rustic elements should feel natural or unfinished rather than processed and polished.

Here are a few examples of rustic elements you can incorporate into your home:

  • Burlap
  • Natural, unfinished wood
  • Distressed painted furniture
  • Rusty or patinated metals

Rustic elements like the ones above can come in the form of storage furniture, window treatments, wall decor and more. Though rustic elements are at home during autumn, if you find a rustic element you love, consider making it a more permanent fixture of your home rather than only bringing it out for fall.

2. Earthy Colors

You need only look out your window for inspiration when it comes to decorating with fall colors. The colors of fall are rich and earthy. Think dark greens, burnt reds, rich browns, warm golds and rusty oranges. These colors all tend to pair well with each other, so don't be afraid to mix and match. If you're worried a room will become too dark or color-saturated, be sure to include lighter neutrals, as well, for balance.

You can feature earthy colors in the form of table linens, window treatments and leather furniture. You can also incorporate smaller objects like antique books bound with deep, earthy-colored covers.

3. Pumpkins

It's hard to think of anything more essential to fall than pumpkins. Pennsylvania is one of the top pumpkin-producing states in the U.S. so Pennsylvanians especially should proudly feature these beautiful gourds as part of their fall decor. One of the great things about decorating with pumpkins is that you can use real pumpkins from a local farm. Pumpkins by themselves bring a lovely touch of autumn to any doorstep or interior room.

If you don't like the look of orange pumpkins, you can instead pick out some beautiful white pumpkins. These pumpkins have gained popularity in recent years as an elegant, understated way to bring the fall harvest indoors. If your home is more modern, you may want to find metal or glass pumpkins for a feature that is nature-inspired but still fits the sleek appearance of your home.

4. Vintage Finds

Something about autumn gets us feeling nostalgic. This is the perfect time of your to go on the hunt for unique vintage finds and incorporate them into your decor. Antique furniture is a great way to do this. You don't have to be scared off by old upholstery that's in bad shape. A well-made antique chair can be revived with new upholstery. Alternatively, you can purchase a new chair with a classic look, like a leather armchair.

As you browse through antique shops and sidewalk sales, don't limit yourself to traditional types of decor. You can also find interesting ways to repurpose everyday objects that remind us of yesteryear. For example, a rusty old wagon can make a beautiful planter for fall flowers, and an old wash basin and pitcher can become an eye-catching centerpiece for your table. Get creative and capitalize on the timelessness of fall beauty.

Winter Home Decor Tips

For many, decorating for winter is all about the holidays. While holiday decor can be truly beautiful, this approach doesn't give you monthly decorating ideas for the time after the holidays. You can keep winter from feeling drab by decorating your home in the following ways to highlight the beauty of winter, all season long.

1. Plaid

If winter had a pattern, it would most certainly be plaid. Plaid is a classic pattern that will never go out of style. You can incorporate plaid fabrics into your home in the following ways:

  • Add a plaid blanket to neutral bedding for a cozy look.
  • Include plaid throw pillows on your sofa.
  • Feature plaid-printed china in your china hutch or cabinets.
  • Add a plaid area rug to a family room.

Wherever you include plaid, you can be sure you'll achieve that wintery feel, reminiscent of a mountain lodge. Don't be afraid to try plaids in less traditional colors if you're not a fan of the navy, green and red you tend to see. A gray plaid is a lovely way to incorporate this pattern more subtly.

2. Cozy Elements

A winter home should feel like a cozy haven from the chilly outdoors. What comes to mind when you think of the word cozy? Most of us picture soft fabrics and furs and a warm, crackling fire.

To make your home feel especially cozy, add blankets and plush throw pillows to sofas and chairs where you don't normally have them. This could even include your breakfast nook or dining table. You may also want to add fur elements in the form of an ottoman or rug. Dimmable light fixtures can also contribute to that cozy feel.

3. Evergreen Branches

Evergreens are one of the best things about winter. As most of the color of nature fades, we count on evergreen trees to provide a splash of rich color that looks beautiful against a backdrop of white. You can bring this natural beauty inside by incorporating evergreen branches into your decor.

One simple and beautiful way to do this, suggested by Country Living, is to pull off small sprigs and include them around a tea light in the bottom of a mason jar. Some faux snow completes the look for a dainty ode to winter, perfect for any bookcase, end table or bedside table. Evergreen branches also make a beautiful swag for your table or wreath for your door, all winter long.

4. Candles

Finally, you can create a cozy home in the winter by including candles in your decor. This tip applies to every room in your home. In the kitchen, feature jarred candles you can leave burning without fear of drips. On the dining room table, include pillar candles or traditional candlesticks as part of your centerpiece. For smaller spaces, use tea lights.

Candles are simple and inexpensive, yet they never fail to provide a house with the perfect combination of coziness and timeless sophistication. If you want scented candles, choose classic wintery scents like pine or cinnamon.

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